Sunday, November 16, 2014

Taking a Blogging Break

I wanted to thank all of you who have read my little blog. I've really enjoyed this. It's fun talking about homeschooling to someone even if they're anonymous. It saves my poor husband from my blathering. He's wonderfully responsive even when I know he couldn't give a rat's behind about curriculum.
 "Should I teach Latin this year?"
 "Sure sounds good."
 "Should I buy our books piecemeal or support the curriculum company?"
 "What do you think?"
 "Should I teach them leprechauns exist and the world was created five years ago?"
 "Yep.I support you."  
And he does support me. He's kind and loving, just not a curriculum junkie like I am. And I'm beyond happy I have my "curriculum-makes-my-eyes-glaze-over-husband". I've really had to rely on him for everything these last two months. My MS went into overdrive and I am having a whole lot of symptoms .Hopefully my new medication will resolve some of them.
So now we get to why I'm having a blogging break. I can barely type right now. I'm usually a pretty good typist(one of the few useful things I learned from public school),but recently I have been having trouble typing. I have to one-finger type and my hands are really clumsy.  I end up accidentally spelling everything wrong . It takes forever. These two paragraphs have taken 40 minutes. I know my family would help me, but I write better on my own.
So I hope to be back soon. I'll still be reading homeschool blogs, just not writing my own for a while.
I really hope you all enjoy your holidays! I wish you all well. Thank you for reading!
Until Next Time!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Goodbye, October!

Halloween was mostly wonderful. I did take a nasty fall on our front walk. I think it might be time for a temporary cane. MS -- I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. But the rest of the holiday week was wonderful. My witch and dragon attended two Halloween parties and had an "Awesome Time!!!"
It was really cold for Halloween and a little rainy, but that just meant more candy since there were fewer kids willing to brave the elements. They probably went trick or treating at the mall. I refuse to do that. I think talking to the neighbors is a huge part of the holiday.
We always wait until Halloween day to carve our jack o' lantern, rather than watch it slowly droop and draw fruit flies, and then fight about who has to stick the candles into the smelly carcass. Plus I love having the house scented by roasting pumpkin seeds on Halloween. I'm addicted to the things. And since they're full of fiber and the kids love them, I feel like it cancels out some of the unhealthiness of the holiday. At least that's what I tell myself as my 6 yr old tries to cram three Milky Ways at once  into his mouth. A handful of seeds makes up for a thousand calories of sugar, right? Right? Let me live with my delusions.
Now it's time to put up the Thanksgiving decorations and plan our dinner. I'm actually making a turkey this time since we're no longer vegans. I have to locate my old recipe for brining the turkey which resulted in a juicy, not dry bird. I always look forward to cooking with the whole family, watching the Macy's parade, and avoiding Black Friday shopping. Both my husband and Peter have to work Black Friday which means we might have to eat our dinner the day before so that they can rest up for the overnight shift. But as long as people get their cheap piece of crap from China, I guess our family time is of little significance.......and yes, I'm slightly bitter.
But we'll make the most of it.  That seems to be our family motto these days.

I hope you and your family had a lovely Halloween! Until Next Time!