Wednesday, July 12, 2017

BookShark with Reading Level 5

So I had a bit of a false start on my return to my blog. Seizures do that. If you have MS or know someone well with the disease then you know plans are often impossible to make and promises impossible to keep. But I am back and sorry I wasn't able to write for a few days.
And now I'm able to begin updating you on what we have planned for the 2017-2018 school year.

For Bess we have a wonderful year of history ahead, and both she and I are incredibly excited.

BookShark Level 5 History

This year is entirely about the Eastern Hemisphere. As you can see from the picture, I've removed the worksheet pages Bess will be writing on and I've put them in their own binder. The program comes with about 40 books including one on origami with origami paper which will be used after she reads Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes.
 This core comes with a beautiful calligraphy kit which includes ink and paper for the student to try their hand at writing Chinese words. Calligraphy Kit Instructions  can be found on BookShark's website.
 As usual, a book of poetry is included. This year it is All the Small Poems by Valerie Worth. I have BookShark to thank for inspiring my children's love of poetry. Ever since the younger levels, Bess has often been choosing our poetry books for her night time reading.
Henry Read Inc. and A Horse and His Boy are also added, probably to give a small break from the Eastern Hemisphere intensive core.
I love BookShark! I wish I'd had this program for my older boys. It would have saved me so much time and effort instead of having to single handedly organize a literature rich program for them. I managed to do it somehow. They read some great books, but I love that I can place the research in the hands of BookShark now.
Of course this isn't all we have planned for the year.  Bess and Max will be sharing BookShark Science Level 4 and some other things which I will include in future posts.
I really hope we can manage to purchase BookShark's Pre-K program for Rose. She is definitely ready for it, but we made a large investment this year for the microscope BookShark sells. And with a move coming up before Christmas, I'm trying to watch how much more we spend.

We will be starting our school year in August and I'll review the books we are reading and post about our science experiments. I'm not going to foolishly say when.  MS is in the driver's seat for now. But I'll give it my best effort to let you know how our year is going.

Thank you for reading. I feel incredibly fortunate to be writing again.

Until Next Time!