Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Laundry on the line, our favorite history link, and the end of the gluten-free diet

Our dryer, Admiral Crappy, finally decided it was time to shuffle off this mortal coil, so we're hanging laundry until we can afford a new admiral. Here's the timeline so far on that:
First day-"Doesn't laundry from the line smell fresh and lovely? It's heaven!"
Day two: "Can I help?It's fun! We're like pioneers!"
Day three:"Why are my t-shirts so stiff?"
Day four: "My pants aren't dry? I have to leave for work!"
Day five: "Uh, Mom? Isn't the laundry outside? Because it's raining..."
Day six:"What?!Again?! But we helped hang laundry yesterday!"

But my husband has graduated, and is starting his new job in a couple of weeks, so hopefully our remaining line drying days are few. RIP Admiral Crappy. I never realized how much I loved you.

Another change for us is the end of our gluten-free "adventure". Max is seeing a GI specialist, and we've found his problem doesn't have anything to do with gluten. What exactly the problem is we don't know yet. But I'm relieved to be able to use flour once more. However, we will not be going completely vegan again. Max gained weight while he was eating cheese and eggs, so we're going to remain vegetarian for now. Max and Bess found they love Greek yogurt, real cheese, and scrambled eggs, and for Max to like anything is a big deal.

Bess has been enjoying this BBC Primary History site. She loves the archaeology games, the Greek Hero game, and the WWII time capsule game. Great for elementary kids, but I've learned a few thing, too. It's worth a look.

We're waiting on our BookShark order so we're on a mini-vacation from school. I'm spring cleaning, catching up on reading, watching Korean dramas, and of course.....hanging laundry.

Until next time!

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  1. Oh my gosh-so funny about the laundry-and so true! Thanks for the laugh;).